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List Of 20 Ways To Happiness.

Buddhist wisdom believes that following a few simple laws can make anyone happy
Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world and perhaps the most studied today. Buddhist philosophy is easy to understand and to sustain it is enough to choose the basic principles that are closest to your heart. To change your life completely.

You are welcome to choose only those you can follow:

1. Happiness is within us and not from the outside:
All our lives we seek happiness and waste our power on searching, on pleasing others. Sooner or later, we realize that we are not looking where we need to. If you just look inside, you'll find that we already have everything that is need for happiness. We just do not take advantage of it.

2. Be grateful for everything:
Good makes us happy, and evil teaches us through experience. Understanding that pleasure and pain are parts of the path will make the goal much more tangible.


3. Celebrate your victories:
Do not accept everything that happens in your life for granted. Savor all your success, even the smallest.

Happiness and Celebrating

4. Every person appears in your life for a reason:
Nothing is accidental. We only have to decide whether to learn from them or to reject them.

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5. Believe every step of the way:
Know that even in the most difficult moments, the universe will come to your aid. It never gives more challenges than we can bear. Stand up to all challenges with courage and learn from them.

Believe in yourself quotes tumblr

6. Do not take heart:
One day you'll regret having suffered so much from something that was not worth it. People's actions are a reflection of what is happening in their personal lives. You just have nothing to do with it. Happy people do not cause misery to others. Those who cause us suffering are the sufferers themselves. You have no guilt in that and stop hurting yourself or getting hurt.

Heart lock and key

7. Nature can heal:
A trip to the countryside, breathing the clear air, watching the beautiful scenery, the sound of the water and the heat of the sun. All these can be more beneficial to your health than any doctor. Get "prana" (energy) from the world as simple and accessible as possible.

Happy couple watching sunset in nature

8. Recognizing that the problem is half the way:
In order to heal ourselves, we must understand our weaknesses and fears, accept them and put them in a positive light. The only way to get rid of them is to deal with them. It hurts to look the truth in the eyes, but hiding it and burying it will not solve the problem.

problem and solution quote

9. Perfectionism is an illusion:
Relax, let yourself make mistakes and be happy no matter what the outcome. Once you realize that the path is just as important and perfect results do not really exist, your life will be much more peaceful.

Oops mistake face

10. The world around us is a mirror:
What we do not like about others is often a reflection of what we do not like about ourselves.
What distresses us in others points to something that we should treat and correct from the inside.

Lake mirroring


11. Learn to forgive:
Forgiveness is more necessary for you than for someone who has hurt you. As you forgive, you achieve the freedom and peace of mind you deserve. Maintaining a grudge poisons your soul and spoils life in every way.


Friends forgiveness frogs

12. Honesty changes everything:
Put everything aside and listen to yourself: What do you really want?
Usually, the hardest thing to do is to answer this question and answer it to make a difference.

right and wrong sign - 20 ways to happiness


13. Carefully choose those around you:
Surround yourself with people who love and support you and give them back the best. Life is too short to spend on those who do not believe in you or just criticize you. It lowers your strength and takes the wind out of the sails.

people holding hands - 20 ways to happiness

14. Remember symmetry:
The more you give, the more you get. This is the law of karma. Share your wisdom, love and talents. Give away easily and do not spare others. You will probably be pleasantly surprised and you will soon see how good life will bring it back to you.

symmetric landscape - 20 ways to happiness

15. Answer with wisdom:
They said, "Yes!" to whatever makes you happy. More importantly, do not be afraid to say "no" to anything that might hurt you. Time is your most valuable resource and is non-refundable. Use it wisely, you only live once.

Gray Owl - 20 Ways To Happiness

16. Accept the inevitable:
Sometimes we connect to people and then separate. It's not bad, nor does it mean that they were bad friendships. Our paths are separate, and everyone has their own way. Keep them in your heart, but if they start to delay or hurt you, then it's probably time to move away, to let the friendship go and leave it as a sweet memory.

Buddha Quotes - 20 Ways To Happiness


17. Do not deny fear:
Fear is a very good measure for what we want and what we really need in life. Let it be your guide and enjoy the exciting adventure it leads you to.
Embracing fear -20 ways of happiness

18. Thank the world on what you have:
Gratitude to the world and full acceptance of the existing creates around you a space for further abundance. In this way happiness, love, health and prosperity will continue.
Be Grateful - 20- 20 ways to happiness


19. Live in the present:
At the end of the day, this is the only thing we really have. The past has already gone, and the future has not yet arrived. Learn from the mistakes of the past and enjoy the good memories, but do not cling to them and do not let them chase you. Dream about the future, but without fantasies and obsession. There is no choice but to love the present. Only by living here and now will you achieve happiness.
Stop , View, Wasting time- 20 ways to happiness


20. Release the love:
Say and show your loved ones how much you love them, there can not be too much of it.
Love, Lock , Rope, paris -20 ways of happiness



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