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How to BOHO-chic your shack with some basic home decor.


Ideal for those with an off-beat sense of style and a strong creative streak, the bohemian chic style is not only a funky fashion statement, but can also be a fun DIY project when it comes to home styling. A combination of rustic, retro antiques and bright colours can leave your home feeling warm, inviting and atmospheric.


Seeing as how guests will often gravitate to the kitchen area, this is an ideal place to begin! The key here is to focus on textures. Keep the surfaces and cupboards wooden for that rustic, outdoor feeling. To add to this effect, bring in some plants to brighten the place up- have a few small pots on the window sill and maybe one or two hanging spider plants. The mismatched style can often look messy, avoid this by keeping your kitchen utensils in recycled storage containers like glass jam jars or yoghurt pots. And is it really a fridge if there are no photos?! Keep your refrigerator looking cool by sticking on a collection of magnets, postcards and old photographs.

boho kitchen


To give a lived-in, cozy effect to your living room, try switching your regular salon sofa-coffee table set up for a 'sunken living room', having a nest of a variety of different sized pillows and throws centred around a low coffee table to create a more slouchy, informal style. Remember, there are no trends or rules when it comes to boho home styling. Follow your instincts!



When it comes to decor in the master bedroom, try avoiding harsher colours and designs as this is a room where you will be resting. Erratic shades and objects often causes subconscious stress that will counteract the natural zen that a bedroom should have. Big pieces of wall art in neutral colours with minimal designs would allow for bold textile designs for your bedding. The stark contrast between nude, earthy coloured walls and primary coloured prints gives an edgy yet soothing vibe. For that icing-on-the-cake look, hang up a bead curtain, some dream catchers and fairy lights.


For a sterile yet stylish bathroom, try toying with the idea of an ocean theme. Incorporate different shades of blues, greens and white. Hang up some paintings of the seaside and have bowls of assorted shells and sea glass by the sink.

As the bohemian lifestyle encourages outdoor living, your garden and or balcony will be an inportant asset to your home. For outside furnature, mimic the sunken salon idea, only best make it waterproof! Have some cushions and beanbags on the floor for sitting and drape some waterproof throws and bamboo overhead for protection from the rain. Hang up some wind chimes and put out tealights in candle holders to create an oasis of calm.

When it comes to general boho home decor, pay close attention to the materials you are working with. Fabrics have personality and can give a quirky vibe when matched, or mismatched, correctly. Use a combination of canvas, distressed leather and denim to give your rooms and furniture that worn look that almost says that this object has a story. You can also never go wrong with wall decor and plants. Try experimenting with a combination of mandala art and postmodernism paintings.


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