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7 Easy ideas to arrange your wardrobe - boho style.

The Boho-chic look as we know it is a trend based on the free spirited style of the swinging 60's and 70's. Commonly associated with ideas of love, peace, expression through art, music and the odd use of recreational drugs, this subculture brought with it some of the most classic and timeless fashion statements that are still around almost half a century later!

Now that flared jeans, patterned shirts and fancy headpieces are back in vogue, it is to no surprise that this style is being embraced internationally and is dominating shop windows on our high streets once again. Rocking this style can be risky as the look itself is rather unconventional, so think of this article as a cheat sheet to help you pass the boho trend test with flying colours, literally.


1. Comfort is key!

When putting together your basic boho outfit, dressing for comfort is something to be taken into account. Try mixing and matching a tight piece of clothing with something loose fitted. Layering-up your clothes will also add to the effect. Baggy pants and maxi skirts worn with turtle neck sweaters have also come back into style.

(SPECIAL TIP!) try stopping off at a charity store/thrift shop to pick up some second hand clothes. Not only will they be authentically hipster and vintage, but will also be cost efficient and environmentally friendly!)

Stylish Hammock White\Grey

2. Sew much fabric, sew little time

Choosing the material that your boho clothes are made of is just as important as choosing the clothes themselves. Denim, canvas and faux suede all have the vibrant boho vibe going on. Another old but gold bohemian fashion statement is oversized knitwear, the looser the stitch the better!


3. Colours speak all languages

Neutral, earthy coloured clothes allow for bold, bright and attention-grabbing accessories. Shades of brown, blue, mustard and green give sensational yet subtle vibes and are easily matched with other colours. If patterned fabrics take your fancy, try out some geometric and aztec prints combined with some natural, beige tones.

A Boho quote that we just love and we must put here: "Die with memories and not dreams" 

4. Footwear

As mentioned above, comfort is essential in pulling off the bohemian look. This means finding the right footwear to support your free spirited  flare. For the summer months gladiator sandals maximise comfort by being so open. In the winter try rocking red/brown cowboy boots.



5. Accessories, accessories, accessories!!

When it comes to boho bling, you almost can't go wrong. Its definitely a 'more is more' case when it comes to jewellery! Try experimenting with a combination of chunky rings and halfway rings, chokers, old music festival wristbands and even feathered necklace pendants if you're brave enough!

Bohemian black choker

6. A Quirky Crowning Glory

As the saying goes, 'your hair is your best accessory'. Your head, and what's on it, draws attention before any other part of your body. To use this fact to your advantage, acquire some basic boho headbands and headpieces to spice up your already scorching outfit! A more subtle style would be wearing a hair chain, faux braid headbands or a thin elastic headbands. If you're feeling bold, try a flower crown or a headwrap. Not only do headpieces complete a look, they manage to almost perfectly conceal a bad hair day!

7. Cosmetics

The earthy vibes that the boho look gives off means that the natural look is probably going to mesh the best with your new style. Nude lipstick, brown eye shadow, bronzer and shimmer are going to become your new best friends! If you are of a fair complexion, use brown eyeliner and brown mascara to give a less dramatic, more smouldering look.


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