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Due to commercialisation and overuse, the rich history and origin of the dreamcatcher is often overlooked and regarded as just another pretty piece of boho wall decor. Most are unaware of the historical and cultural relevance of dreamcatchers.

Historians track the usage of dreamcatchers as far back as the Native American period. It is said to have also been adopted by the Pan-Indian movement in the 1960's as a symbol of unity. Poetically named the ''asabikeshiinh''(meaning 'spider' or 'web'), the dreamcatcher symbolised the spider, which to the Ojibwe Chippewa tribe represent comfort and protection of small children and babies. The catcher was hung above one's bed in order to protect you from bad dreams whilst you slept.  It was believed that the bad dreams floating in the air would become entangled in the web-like design and would burn in the morning sun, leaving the good dreams to trickle down the feathers and assorted beads directly to the sleeping person.

Native american dream catcher


Just like dreams, no two dreamcatchers are the same. But the basic design of a dreamcatcher will consist of a loop, a weaved web and tassels. The loop is representative of the circle of life and the feathers and/or charms hanging from the loop represent our ties with the natural world.

Nowadays, it's pretty difficult to get your hands on an authentic dreamcatcher as the ones that are sold in your average home decor store are made of synthetic materials. Authentic dream catchers were made of organic, natural materials. The Native American dreamcatchers were said to have been made from coiling Red Willow branches and binding them with leather or hemp.

Native american dream catcher

Seeing as how the bohemian culture is an earthy culture that is one with nature, a dreamcatcher is an ideal piece of boho wall decor that you need for your home! You need not purchase a synthetic catcher from the store as they are fairly simple to create and make for a fun DIY project! All the materials you will need to make a dreamcatcher can be found either in a DIY home store or in your back garden. They are also probably one of the most versatile pieces of decor that you can have as they can be hung both indoors and outdoors. The more robust and waterproof dreamcatchers would look perfect suspended either by your front door or in your garden. Try hanging up your delicate dreamcatchers indoors in your living room, by a fireplace or of course over your bed.

Native american dream catcher


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