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Bags & Wallets

Bags and wallets have always been an integral part of every girl's life. Women always take their bags with them to events, meetings or just walks. Today it is impossible to even to imagine a girl without a bag in her hands or on her shoulder. A woman's bag is something that a girl can not imagine her life without. Of course, bags should fit the woman's personal style. That is why we created a special collection that is ideally suited for Boho style and hippy style.

Our Bags and wallets are very comfortable, so you can walk in them anywhere. Whether it is a shopping trip, an important meeting or just a walk with friends. Our bags are very roomy. Put in there phone, purse, comb and many, many other things that are so indescribable to every girl.  Moreover, you can wear our bags and wallets with clothes of a different style. It also will look beautiful and harmonious. Our collection includes bags of different sizes, colors, and shapes. You can choose the one bag that most appeals to you. What is more, we are proud of the remarkable quality of our products. Our Coca Love shop guarantees you quality and a long product life. Acquire and enjoy!