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Body jewelry

Since ancient times women have invented many ways to decorate their bodies. Nowadays, the beauties emphasize their sexuality with different accessories and one of them is body jewelry. Elegant, slightly peeking out from under the clothes body chains wake up male fantasy and make a woman very attractive to the opposite sex. Moreover, body jewelry can easily help you to create a super-hot beach look. Elegant woman foot with an exquisite bracelet or a thin strip of a belt, emphasizing the waist bend, can drive any man crazy.

Coco Love store offers you a wide variety of exclusive body jewelry in Boho and hippy style. Our unique shell and metal belts look particularly stylish in combination with swimsuits, tank and crop tops. By the way, do not forget to estimate our clothing collection, which is very well combined with body jewelry. Besides, thin belts and bracelets perfectly complement the everyday look. Do not be afraid to do clothing experiments! Feel free to wear belts with classic shirts and simple-cut light dresses, evening dresses and even trouser suits, as celebrities do. After all, Boho style is always about bright and unusual combinations. So stay hot and unpredictable with our body jewelry!