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Bracelet is a favorite accessory for many women. This decoration can effectively complement any image, and even be an amulet. The bracelet is a diversified jewelry, and this is confirmed by the millennium of its existence. The first bracelets appeared more than 2.5 million years ago. Firstly they were woven from the skin and tree bark, later – made of bones, stones, and metals. Ancient people wore bracelets on their feet as they protected them from evil spirits. Each bracelet had a special magical power. Later they began to serve as a demonstration of the wealth and high social status.

Bracelets in Boho and hippy style from Coco Love shop is a unique adornment, a universal accessory. On the beach or at the party, our bracelets, armlets, ring bracelets, leg chains, and anklets are always a good choice. In Coco Love shop we have a rich collection of various bracelets made of metal and beads, leather and threads, shells and pendants etc. We offer you ethnics and geometry, the mix of cultures and epochs. Bracelets have been and still remain one of the most popular accessories for all times. You can wear them with absolutely any clothes. They always look original and emphasize your individuality. Coco Love shop loves exclusive bracelets. And you will love them too.