Dreamcatchers – Coca Love


The Dreamcatcher came to us from the magical practices of ancient Indians. Externally it resembles a sieve – colorful threads intertwined in various patterns are stretched on a rounded frame. Each pattern has its own meaning. Feathers also add special magical power to the dreamcatchers.

How does the dreamcatcher work? It attracts "evil" and "good" spirits of dreams. Then he filters out the "evil" ones as if they get entangled in the web of patterns and die with the first sunrays. The "good" spirits know the right path, so they gently slide over the feathers to the sleeping people, bringing them bright, colorful dreams.

In our collection, you will find the most diverse and exquisite dreamcatchers. Everything for you to choose your own amulet of power.

To sleep sweet, you must hang the dreamcatcher in a right place. Fix it at the head of the bed, so that the amulet can freely rotate and catch the spirits of dreams flying by. You can also hang an amulet in the center of the room, where it will be turning around like a locator, and will not miss a single, even the smallest spirit. In our Coca Love store, you can also buy dreamcatcher key chains and necklaces, so that amulet will always guard your repose.