Earrings – Coca Love


What tribe do you belong to? Join us! We are the children of the sun and a naughty wind; we hear the whisper of the sea even in the city jungles. We can read the lifelines on our hands and hear the voices of ancient tribes. Beautiful and free, we recognize each other by the unique style.

Coco Love shop offers a collection of jewelry for those who love Boho and hippy style, ethical motives, interesting combinations and are not afraid to experiment. Members of our tribe stand out in the crowd. Gorgeous earrings are part of this uniqueness.

One may think that such common for each of us accessory, like earrings, has long ceased to be perceived as something special. We wear them daily, always and everywhere... But still, we choose no other decoration so carefully and scrupulously as we do with earrings. You may have dozens of them in your collection but there is always a place for another pair of original earrings. Moreover, Coco Love shop offers a wide variety of textures, materials, and forms. Our earrings will suit your every image and look, even the most daring and sensual. Feel the geometry and ethnics, feel wild and free. Feel Coco Love.