Shoes – Coca Love


When an ancient man learned how to make the first primitive shoes, he made a huge step in evolution. When we selected items for our collection of "clothes for feet", we thought that every step you take is a step to happiness on the road to joy and success. Therefore, each pair of shoes is selected with special love and care, it is unique and unusual. You will not find stamped, same-type products here. Beauty, authenticity, and convenience are the main criteria by which we choose things for our collection. A maximum of ethnics, a minimum of clichés. These are not shoes for special occasions because all occasions become special when you are wearing them. You dictate your own fashion in Boho and hippy style. And our job is to offer you the best and most interesting things we can find. We have collected unique various flat and high-heeled sandals, graceful lace flats, and warm boots. And, of course, a variety of bright shoes with ornaments and prints, with or without laces. Shoes as a part of your personality, shoes as a bright spot in your unique style – that is what a collection of shoes from Coca love shop about.